Detail of heart illustration

Mother's Day flower illustration
This one was for my mom. I started with this picture I took of a ceiling in the Hearst Castle (side note: go there! it’s good.) a couple of years ago and used shapes from that image to cut out photos of flowers I’ve taken everywhere from Texas to Ireland.
Father's Day heart illustration

This one I made for my dad. I took a geometric pattern that I’ve seen used in pottery (like this vase from Acoma) and filled the positive areas with different sunsets I’ve captured and the negative areas with a single blue sky.

The geometry of the “editing” container graphic seems to be the most important factor in determining whether the final image suggests a stack of flat objects or a unified three-dimensional one.



  • Cathy

    Your talent is endless, Robin.
    Like the explanation of the sunsets and sky for the Father’s Day card, hadn’t known that!

  • Wayne

    Saw your photos of Dash & then saw this post. What beautiful work. I know Kathy & Bert must appreciate your artwork very much.

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