Object / Image

Images created by manipulating mundane bits of hardware over and over again, and more images created by manipulating those images.

detail of one iteration

a few of the iterations

After being assigned a random assortment of hardware bits in a brown paper sack, I made as many visual experiments as I could. I photographed them, scanned them, stamped them with ink, photocopied them, drew with them, dripped hotglue on them to create molds, photogrammed the hotglue pieces, let them roll down inclines covered in ink, and videotaped them in motion (see this post for a little of that), and then I digitally manipulated and combined those results to create new works.

The slideshow presents a few images from different stages of experimentation (although it’s a tiny fraction of the total body of results). A pdf of the book I compiled at the project’s end is below the slideshow. As stated in the project brief, the major goal of this project was to cultivate a healthy process — to start to form answers to the questions “How do I begin?” and “How do I continue?”.

Open book pdf
Project brief

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