Wedding Season

The last month has put several thousand travel miles under my belt via the weddings of two delightful friends. Both events were beautiful and special and very different, although they both had barbecue (the only barbecue I’ve had in a year and a half). I took a bunch of photos. They might not be my best work with respect to technique (I broke my wrist between the first and second wedding, so I’ll pin some of the blame on the difficulty of operating with a brace), but I sure am glad I have them.

Here’s Anna’s reception at the Pecan Grove Pavillion:

Photos from Anna's wedding

And here’s Melissa’s in Mason, Texas:

Photos from Melissa's wedding

Above, the black and white portraits show the two sides of a serious conversation between Rachel (left) and Marjorie (right). Below them are Marcela and Marjorie (again) in a decidedly less serious moment. Below that and (left) are Marcela and Joaquin. On the right is a picture of Rachel I included because I like imagining a dramatic backstory for her involving the ominous, silhouetted cowboy. Next is a bit of camaraderie between Marjorie and the bride, followed by the least blurry out of the pictures of the three of us that were taken by a fellow wedding guest. Finally, the view from the back porch of the old ranch house where Chapman and I stayed.

Melissa and Nick dancing, in perpetuity

Melissa and Nick twirl forever (and one guy swigs a beer over and over).


Q: What is design school like?

So like, we moved to California. This is the oldest of news, but not to you, unloved website (Happy V-Day, btw). You probably think we’re still in Austin. Moving was so much harder than I ever thought it would be. If anyone is wondering what not to do when moving cross-country…I have notes. The worst is definitely past, but there are lingering struggles. I’m slowly and doggedly sorting and evaluating every possession (physical and digital) in my charge, and today I came upon this modest treasure tucked inside an ancient mini DV tape:
I think if you analyzed the set of all my experiences throughout design school and tried to solve for the average (mean, obviously), the result would just be that video clip. I never thought 2006 would be so long ago.

P.S. Here’s one of the dozens of images that ultimately resulted from that project (this one specifically from the way the screw travels down an incline (when doused in ink, then digitized, then manipulated):

Line illustration
More from that project here.

Something Hot

Nero cooling down
Not sure if the desperation in Nero’s eyes is apparent in this photograph, but he was closing in on that point where he abruptly refuses to walk any further.