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Here’s something I worked on over at Hoodline, a neighborhood news site I’ve been loyally reading since we moved to San Francisco. It’s a bit of comparative data analysis and visualization of the longevity and composition of two neighborhoods’ main commercial corridors. Stay tuned for more!

The Upper Haight has long been known as a global destination for hippies and the tourists who love them. But did you know that the neighborhood has also become a hotspot for urban streetwear retailers in the last few years?

Divisadero, meanwhile, has seen an influx of new restaurants recently. But did you know it’s still a big hub for local service businesses, including a collection of decades-old car repair shops? …continue reading on Hoodline »

Rachel Gibbs Therapy

Rachel Gibbs Therapy

Here’s a little peek at a project we’re working on at Red Bird Grey Bird. Rachel is building her relationship therapy practice in San Francisco and wants to project a cohesive, friendly, energetic image for her business that captures her personality and approach to her work.

We’ve completed her graphic identity and new portraits that will help her patients become familiar with her before they meet. Next, it’s on to her new site!



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