Where California keeps its ice

We went to Lake Tahoe at the end of January. For about 21 hours. We didn’t really have time for a trip, but we wanted to look at snow for a minute since it was supposed to be relatively nearby (snow is a pretty exotic concept for Texans, and “weather” in general doesn’t really seem to happen in San Francisco).

Nero saw snow for the first time, and we were all very, very cold. Noses (at least human ones) were red. Paws had to be frequently de-iced. Clothing choices were regretted. The check engine light came on in protest.

We drove through Donner Pass with the late afternoon sun low in the sky, which was beautiful. It would be an especially devastating place to resort to eating human flesh for survival.


Shots from Lake Tahoe




the road to Lake Tahoe






Like many posts, this is old news. I’d apologize, but you’re used to it, right?

If you’re wondering: we stayed at this Airbnb in Carnelian Bay, and it was great. It also cost us about a sixth of the going rate for a hotel room in the area.



Q: What is design school like?

So like, we moved to California. This is the oldest of news, but not to you, unloved website (Happy V-Day, btw). You probably think we’re still in Austin. Moving was so much harder than I ever thought it would be. If anyone is wondering what not to do when moving cross-country…I have notes. The worst is definitely past, but there are lingering struggles. I’m slowly and doggedly sorting and evaluating every possession (physical and digital) in my charge, and today I came upon this modest treasure tucked inside an ancient mini DV tape:
I think if you analyzed the set of all my experiences throughout design school and tried to solve for the average (mean, obviously), the result would just be that video clip. I never thought 2006 would be so long ago.

P.S. Here’s one of the dozens of images that ultimately resulted from that project (this one specifically from the way the screw travels down an incline (when doused in ink, then digitized, then manipulated):

Line illustration
More from that project here.