South First video title frame

Like this work from the same course, this piece began with extensive and uncalculated visual experimentation with some source material (small hardware in that case, a block of a south Austin street in this one). And like this work from the very beginning of design school, this piece is about the experience of a walk.

In it, I’ve taken views looking straight up — power lines, towers, foliage, taken at three-step intervals during the day — and “edited” them using views straight down — stencils traced from photos of the shadows cast by my legs blocking streetlights as I walked along my path at night.

The sound track is modified and layered recordings of cars passing that stretch of South First. I’m pretty sure I edited the audio between 2 and 4 am on the morning of the critique, which likely helped nudge it in an eerier direction. I recall scaring the crap out of myself, alone in the dark computer lab, but not being able to stop.

Video project brief

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