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With Katrina still fresh and heavy on my mind in October 2005, New Orleans seemed like the only conceivable place to focus a weather-related project. I kind of thought everyone else would want to choose it too, but to my surprise, no one did.

The conditions on the prescribed day, October 6, were clear, pleasant, and mild — a sharp contrast to devastating weather just a few weeks earlier. In this piece, blind embossing (the technique of printing just an impression with no ink at all) conveys the non-newsworthiness of the weather in New Orleans on the sixth (likewise, coverage of Katrina had dropped off almost completely already). This forces the viewer to focus more deliberately on the small, dense swirl of words that have flattened and sculpted paths through the paper.

The type reads: “Intervals of clouds and sun / N. Orleans / N. Orleans”. It coils around a single ampersand, intended to leave the thought incomplete. What next?

Des 310 Weather Report detail 1
Des 310 Weather Report detail 2
Des 310 Weather Report full view
Des 310 Weather Report case
Des 310 Weather Report set
Des 310 Weather Report sketch
Des 310 Weather Report brief
weather report grade

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